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Monitoring development

Eerikkilä National Training Center and Finnish Floorball Association are monitoring in co-operation the development of Floorball players and organizing coaching education for coaches and directors of coaching. The concept is called MAAJOUKKUETIE FBA, and a key area for it is to create a comprehensive development monitoring system of floorball players in different age groups and implement the coaching education based on those results. The monitoring development concept will enable the development of Finnish players according to training plan and to emphasize the correct direction of training in different age phases.

The monitoring concept has been developed based on the floorball analysis and international requirements. This provides the option to compare the development of Finnish players to the floorball analysis and to the players of different age groups in other countries.

The concept includes tools for monitoring general motor skills, floorball skills, game vision, physical fitness, cognitive ability as well as psychological and social characteristics. Player background and training data is also collected. The data will be stored in a common database through which the development of an individual player can be monitored throughout the career.

In the long term, data collection will enable the option to chart the player path of future Finnish top players.

Below is a description of the parts of the comprehensive development monitoring concept.

Training (“Am I training enough and in the right way?”)

The training diary will enable us to monitor the total amount of training, the amount of floorball training with the team, and the amount of training carried out in the player’s own time.

Amount of games (“Do I play enough and at the right level?”)

The amount of games are collected for the whole year. In addition to this, the games are divided into high and low tempo games depending on the level of the opponent, and domestic and foreign games depending on the opponent.

Game Skills (“I will pass, dribble, shoot and receive”)

The total game skills include tests for passing, the ability to run with the ball and dribble, shoot and speed-skill.

General Skills (“My orientation, body control, balance and rhythm”)

The general motor skills are monitored through three general skill tests. The gymnastics test comprises somersaults and cartwheels forwards and backwards, handstand and 5-step jump.

Physical characteristics (“I will have time and I won’t get tired”)  
The development of physical characteristics will be monitored using physical tests commonly used in sports. Speed will be monitored with a speed test over 20 metres straight, at 5m, 10m and 20m intervals. Agility will be tested using an agility test and explosive strength using an assisted jump test. Endurance will be monitored using a continuous ‘beep test’ and mobility using mobility test.

Muscle balance/mobility (“Will I avoid injuries”)

This is being developed in collaboration with the UKK Institute.

Self-assessments (“What am I like and why do I play?”)

In the self-assessments, the players will assess their own play and skill levels in floorball. The self-assessments will give an idea of how the player sees him/herself as a floorball player and why he/she is playing floorball. The self-assessments are based on questionnaires developed and used abroad. The reliability and validity of the questionnaires has been tested. The assessments comprise three separate self-assessments.

Cognitive abilities (“The basic knowledge of floorball and playing it”)

The cognitive ability test has been developed to measure the players’ understanding of the basic concepts of floorball. The test includes 48 multiple choice questions with 4 answer options each. The maximum point score in the test is 48.

Play and play skills in different roles (“I am attacking with/without the ball and defending with/without the ball” + “team in the rink”)

Play is assessed using the described mini-games within the team (4v4) as well as normal games against an opponent. The games will be turned into a video library on both a team and a player level.

Coach Training

The aim of Floorball Academy is to develop the contents and methods of coach training. The know-how of coaches and operational theory will be elevated to a new level through the development of training. The training will focus on the development of activities in accordance with top-level floorball.

The premise for content development is an individual coaching philosophy. The player is at the core, and the entire content of the training process supports the comprehensive development of an individual player. Updated training focuses on the monitoring of the comprehensive development of the player, training programming, interaction and feedback.

Method development starts with the most effective learning processes, where the learners themselves are active and create new information and a higher-quality practical implementation. An electronic learning environment enables a learning process, which also allows the exchange of information and ideas outside the face-to-face training sessions, regardless of the time and the place. The cognitive learning material will be studied in an electronic learning environment, which allows face-to-face training to concentrate on high-quality implementation in the floorball rink.

Updated Training for Coaches at MAAJOUKKUTIE FBA

Key points of the updated training process for coaches include:

  • To utilise the facts gained from the Floorball Academy session in the team within a year (programming activity and training: goals/planning/implementation/monitoring) and in daily coaching.
  • To provide coaches with better tools for developing players in a more comprehensive and efficient manner.
  • To provide coaches with better cognitive abilities and especially more know-how with regards to implementing practical exercises, managing the coaching process and utilising contemporary tools better to make the coaching process more efficient.
  • To create, in collaboration with coaches, more efficient and concrete methods for raising the level of team training as well as improving the idea and quality of self-directed training via team training.

The themes and methods of updated training for coaches will be agreed together with the clubs. FBA is in charge of the updated training process for coaches. Its implementation involves experts from different fields of coaching.

Updated Training for Directors of Coaching at MAAJOUKKUETIE FBA

The training premises: When coaching the team, the coach will implement the club’s philosophy, emphases and execution, creating lasting, continuous development from the aspect of an individual player. The big picture of junior coaching needs a lot of development. From the player’s point of view, there is no lasting, continuous path of development in coaching. Therefore, clubs have a real need for updated training for directors of coaching in order to create a clearer Finnish coaching philosophy for floorball and its development, which has been created and implemented together.

Key points of coaching (to carry out the tasks of a club’s director of coaching):

  • Development of personal growth and leadership/interaction skills.
  • Management of the coaching organisation, goals, roles, time-use and process implementation inside the club in collaboration with the whole coaching staff.
  • Comprehensive development of coaching, teams and players at the club and development monitoring as well as internal training/sparring system for coaches.
  • The utilisation of sessions and updated training for coaches offered by FBA in order to develop the coaching system of the club and to implement coaching.
  • During the training process, the director of coaching taking part in the training will carry out the following processes as their “development project”:
    1. Update the club’s coaching philosophy
    2. Update the roles and time-use of the coaching staff
    3. Update the methods of the club’s coaching organisation.

Video System

The sports hall of the Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort is equipped with a video system. It allows matches and training sessions to be filmed from several different angles. The footage is stored on a video server. From there, the material can be transferred to coaches for utilisation and upgrading via the electronic environment.

The camera system is supported by a technical system, which enables the games and training sessions to be converted into a video library using an iPad. These video libraries are easy to transfer to the electronic environment.