Refreshing outdoor weekend

Refreshing Outdoor Weekend programme


Day 1. Arrival to Eerikkilä

Complimentary transfer from the Eerikkilä bus stop or arrival with own car. Accommodation in cozy double rooms and dinner in the restaurant.

Day 2. Meet your guide and start with your first activity

Enjoy the morning with our tasty breakfast buffet in the restaurant. After the breakfast you will have time to get dressed for the outdoor day and meet your guide. The day will start with getting to know how to ride a fatbike and we will give you a helmet. We use english or finnish for guiding. You will make an easy 1-2 hour ride to the beautiful lake nearby and back to Eerikkilä for lunch. Lunch will be served in our restaurant overlooking the lake Ruostejärvi. After the lunch you will meet the guide again and get safety instructions for a pleasant 1-2 hour paddling trip in lake Ruostejärvi. You won’t need any experience for either of these activities. We also have options for customers with disabilities.

Winter time we will go for a snowshoeing trip instead of paddling. After a short 20 minute trasportation we will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding of the deepest bog in Finland. The scenery is something you would not expect to find from Southern Finland, for exaple there are many small pine forest islands in the middle of the mire.

After coming back from the paddling trip, or winter snowshoeing, we have a relaxing and warm sauna ready for you. You can also jump into the water for a swim. Dinner will be served after sauna.

In the evening you are more than welcome to join us in the open fire and make your own pancakes. Stories from the day, tales from the starts or whatever you feel like talking about with other guests. When you are full of pancakes we wish you good night.

Day 3. Departure

Wake up to enjoy our breakfast buffet before heading back home. We will have a tranportation ready for you to catch a bus from the main road bus stop.