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Fatbiking in Tavastia Lakeland

Enjoy the revitalising great outdoors activities in Liesjärvi National Park in Tavastia Lakeland. 

Fatbiking is a snow-season innovation and a new outdoor activity, of which Finns have gone bananas. With fatter tires and handlebars fatbikes can go just about anywhere, floating on the snow and giving people of all skill levels a new mode of exploration. In Eerikkilä you can fatbike through the forest, to Kyynäränharju ridge in Liesjärvi national park. The route goes on the top of the ridge in beautiful settings. The view over lake country is spectacular from Kyynäränharju, a sandy shored ridge,  which separates two lakes.

Self-guided trip includes bike rental and route maps. Rental points in both at Eerikkilä Outdoor Center ( Häme Nature Center ) and Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort.

Duration: 4 hrs
Level: moderate to challenging

Price: 25 € / per person

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