E. Trail Run

The Eerikkilä Trail Run event is a comprehensive introduction to the lake upland of Häme and allows participants to admire the local scenery from magnificent ridgetops, along duckboards that traverse unspoiled bogland, from the shores of clear-water lakes and along the hillocky pathways of beard moss-covered primeval forests. The trails pass through the Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Liesjärvi National Park, following to the legendary Ilvesreitti (“Lynx Trail”) of Häme.


The competition centre is Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, which offers diverse services suitable for the occasion. The centre supplies high-quality dressing rooms complete with showers and lockers for the trail runners.  The contestants are also welcome to enjoy the soft steam of the beach sauna after the competition. The competition centre marks the starting and finishing area. The price of the event includes a meal after the competition.

The trail is dotted with camp fire sites and lean-tos, which allow supporters to enjoy the natural abundance of the area as well. All trails are complete with service and water points. The trails also pass many dry toilets open to the public.

Eerikkilä offers different types of accommodation and restaurant services for people arriving from further away. The area presents diverse opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities for the whole family or a group of friends, for example. We will soon publish special offers applicable during the competition.


Short Trail 11km
Medium Trail 28km
Long Trail 42km



Long Trail 9:00, Medium ja Short Trail 9:30


Long trail 49€
Medium trail 39€
Short trail 29 €


Medium and long Trail

The trail begins with a warm-up: an easy trek on the pine needle-coated pathways of a heath forest as well as well-maintained duckboards. In the shelter of Liesjärvi National Park, the trail gets more technical with rocky terrain. Complete with protruding tree roots, the area presents a challenge even for the experienced trail runner. The highlights of the trail include the climb up to the scenic spot on top of Hyypiönkallio cliff, where your efforts are rewarded with a view over the lake.

The Medium and Long Trail separate at the Pirttilahti service point.  The Medium Trail first climbs to the East along the lichen-speckled cliffs of the Lynx Trail and then descends to the magical shores of a forest lake. With the exception of a few short forest trail sections, you will be speeding along duckboards through small bogs and mastering your way along footpaths in mossy, mushroom-rich forests towards the finishing line looming at Eerikkilä.

The Long Trail traverses an exceptionally long but narrow ridge known as Kyynäränharju, which separates two lakes. You will also cross Kyynäränjuova, possibly the shortest river in Finland, using a pedestrian bridge. You journey will then continue along the gently rolling floor of a primeval forest towards the 1910s setting of Korteniemi Heritage Farm. The halfway service point is located in the yard of the heritage farm. From there, the trail continues to Ahonnokka Nature Trail and wind gradually back north. The Long Trail joins the Medium Trail for the final third of the way.

Short Trail

More info coming soon!