Guided exercises

Fitness Classes and Activities for Groups

The skilled and qualified sports instructors of Eerikkilä Sports Insitute ignite the joy of exercise in everyone regardless of age or skill level.

We have tailored our fitness classes to meet the needs of various customer groups. Our range of classes and activities can be adapted according to the group’s needs, wishes and fitness level.

Our keep-fit classes include for example kettlebell training, cross training and aqua fitness. These classes will make you sweat, improve your skills and challenge you physically.

If you’re looking for adventure our nature activities will surely fill the need. Choose from activities like canoeing, archery and climbing wall. Team competitions and games boost spirit and make you more tight-knit as a group. You will make lasting memories of the time spent together.

There are activities available for grown-ups, children, fitness enthusiasts and sports clubs.

Find out more about options and prices from our Sales team.