Information about Eerikkilä

Points of interest nearby

Aqua Park Vesihelmi

Strength, power and vitality from water. Vesihelmi Spa is a leisure pool for happy people! Located in the nearest town, Forssa. Only 20 minutes drive from Eerikkilä.

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Häme Visitor Centre

The Häme Visitor Centre is a great place to study the mire landscape of Southern Finland, get information on Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National Parks, the Häme lake uplands and hiking possibilities in the region.

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Torronsuo National Park

Torronsuo is one of the largest and most impressive mires in the southern Finland. There is a couple of different hiking trails, nature observation tower and campfire site. Located about 10 kilometers from Eerikkilä.

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Liesjärvi National Park

You can find from Liesjärvi National Park wide forests of varying ages, beautiful shorelines and lakes and valuable mires. Korteniemi Hertage Farm is also located in the area of National Park. Marked hiking trail leads from Eerikkilä to Liesjärvi.

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