Information about Eerikkilä Sports Institute

“Finnish football will not evolve unless there is a dedicated coaching centre for it in Finland.” – Erik von Frenckell

Everything started with these words. In 1949, Erik von Frenckell donated a piece of land to realise his vision. The vision has now been reality for decades.

Nowadays, Eerikkilä hosts the national coaching centres for football and floorball. Eerikkilä also offers training for sports and nature professionals as well as activities for corporate clients and holiday-makers.

Today – in the spirit of Erik von Frenckell – Eerikkilä’s vision is to be a comprehensive human development centre where results speak for themselves.

Eerikkilä – bringing out the best since 1949.


We believe that every person wants to find their own limits and comprehensively evolve toward more personal success and well-being.

Our inherent curiosity, competitive spirit and will to win – continuous self-improvement – should be managed in a goal-oriented manner tailored to the individual utilising advanced technologies and the latest data.

With us, you will develop according to your own premise, utilising the best methods, practices and conditions of different sports. You will be able to put our experience-based know-how to good use just as comprehensively as you want for as long as you want.

You will get to experience the joy of learning and success through encounters in a unique setting and the ambience of the house. Here at Eerikkilä, we will travel toward the goals you have set for yourself, together making them come true.

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