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School camps and Confirmation Classes

School Camp at Eerikkilä

Developing human skills is at the heart of everything we do here at Eerikkilä. We offer students great learning opportunities and positive experiences in unique surroundings.

Camps schools at Eerikkilä focus on sports and nature. There is a wide choice of programmes with suitable sports for every occasion. Guidance is provided by Eerikkilä’s trained physical education instructors and nature and wilderness guides.

We will also teach the students brand new skills and sports. Our motto: Everyone can learn and have fun given the right opportunity! No one will be ignored. All sports offered include separate classes for younger and older students.

Sport facilities provide countless opportunities for DIY activities. The surrounding Häme lake highlands afford a wealth of phenomenal destinations for outings. Liesjärvi, Torronsuo and the Saari Folk Park offer wonderful experiences to nature lovers. What’s more, the Vesihelmi swimming pools in Forssa offer all sorts of entertainment and fun to school groups.

We have made it easy to book camp schools, and everything is included in the same package for added convenience.

Prices from: 71 euros / day / student under 15 years.

Price includes accommodation, full-board, 4 hours different guided activities per day and use of our training facilities.

Confirmation Classes

Having the confirmation class at Eerikkilä is a memorable experience for the whole group. Thanks to the versatile indoors and outdoors sports facilities of Eerikkilä and two national parks nearby, it is easy to organise a confirmation class with an emphasis on exercise or nature. In the expert guidance of our PE instructors and wilderness guides, the whole group can explore activities tailored to the youth with ease.

The parish can rent a whole lodging for its own use at an affordable rate, ensuring quiet and peaceful surroundings for study and for the group to spend time closely together. Handily, classrooms are under the same roof.

The meals included in bed and board will be served from a generous buffet. The food served at Eerikkilä is famous for being healthy and tasty.