Outdoor Activities

Welcome to Eerikkilä to enjoy sport & outdoor. At Eerikkilä you can take a break from everyday chores, and relax by enjoying of our outdoor activities and surrounding nature.

In Häme Nature center nearby you can plan your visit and get more information of the area. Ruostejärvi recreation area’s beautiful trails are quite short and easy to travel and thus suited for families with children.

There are several short day trip options or you could also hike longer and choose one of the connecting trail networks for exaple to Liesjärvi National Park.  From Ruostejärvi and Eerikkilä area you can get onto the Ilvesreitti Trail Network which leads to Liesjärvi National Park (about 4 km away), Folk Park of Saari (about 15 km away) and the edge of Torronsuo National Park (about 5 km away).

Fatbiking and winterbiking

Enjoy outdoors with fatbike self guided or with our nature and wilderness guide. Eerikkilä’s environment offers versatile driving to the beginner as well as the more experienced riders on paths, lakeside and duckboard trails.

Rental: 10€ / 1. hour, next hours 5€ /. Guided tours from 95€/hour.


Hiking trails in Eerikkilä region offer peaceful forest trails.  There are several short day trip options or you could also hike longer and choose one of the connecting trail networks for exaple to Liesjärvi National Park. We recommend to visit also  Torronsuo National park, Finland’s deepest. Some routes to recommend:
Torronsuo mire trail
Liesjärvi Hyypiö trail
Hiking routes close to Eerikkilä


Eerikkilä region offers variety of canoeing possibilities from the peaceful rivers and lakes which are suitable also for beginners. We offer canoe rental available in Eerikkilä ( Lake Ruostejärvi) and Liesjärvi national park.

Rental: 20€ / 1. hour, next hours 10€. 1 hour included to resort pass. Guided canoeing from 95€/hour.

Trail running

Varying terrain for trail runners. The Ilvesreitti Trail Network is marked with yellow lynx symboles.

Eerikkilä – Saari Folk park
Eerikkilä – Liesjärvi – Korteniemi


Try snowshoeing and you get to exercise and admire magnificent scenery at the same time. Explore the surrounding of the Torronsuo, deepest bog in Finland on our guided tours. The scenery is something you would not expect to find from Southern Finland.

Snowshoe rental is included to resort pass. Guided tours from 95€/ hour.

Crosscountry skiing

Try skiing on icy lake or our skiing track at Eerikkilä.  Or make a trip to Torronsuo, when the snow conditions are good, there can be up to 45 km of classic cross country skiing trails.


Running ans skiing technique courses

Other options

  • jogging track 1,8 km
  • Bikes
  • Rowing boats
  • Outdoor plays and games
  • Hiking trails

Resort pass

Resort Pass gives access to all the sport and excercise facilities, saunas and selection of equipment.

All Acces -holiday package already includes resort pass.  If you choose to book accommodation only, you have access to our gym, but to be able to use other facilities Resort pass is required. Resort pass is available also to day visitors.

Have a look to our Indoor activies as well.