HJK believes in the added value of the Ekkono Method

Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA) and HJK are doing close co-operation. HJK has taken SHA’s technical partner Soccer Services Barcelona’s Ekkono Method in use as part of their junior coaching.

Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA), based in Eerikkilä Sports Institute, has during its first years focused particularly on children’s phase football development and co-operation between Finnish and international clubs.

– The key challenges in Finnish football are the tactical and technical abilities both from individual and team playing point of view. One can call these as “game fundamentals”. By mastering these fundamentals, one can execute team tactics, system and collective also in the later age, Eerikkilä performance center and SHA’s director Kyösti Lampinen comments.

Related to solving these technical and tactical challenges in the long term, SHA has a technical partner in the process. Soccer Services Barcelona’s Ekkono Method is a modern football learning program for technical and tactical skills. The Ekkono Method has been structured, prioritized and phased logically as a learning program for game comprehension from child to adult.

The co-operation between SHA and HJK is working well

In addition to SHA, Ekkono Method has gained popularity also internationally. In Finland SHA has organized several Ekkono educations and camps at Eerikkilä and in various clubs. Also, coaches have used the chance to educate themselves through Ekkono Online courses.

The most successful club in Finland, HJK, has taken Ekkono Method comprehensively as part of their junior coaching. HJK’s junior coaches are getting education based on the method, and also SHA’s Ekkono coach works weekly with HJK’s most talented junior players.

– We are working closely together with Sami Hyypiä Academy, and making use of the Ekkono Method is a relevant part of our co-operation. Ekkono has a strong added value to us in our player and coaching development. We are planning to get the co-operation even more close in the future, HJK ry’s director of coaching Erkki Valla

– From SSB we are very proud of co-operating with top organizations such as Sami Hyypiä Academy and HJK. We are also very happy of how the process is evolving in Finnish football. At HJK the technical structure and the academy players have improved a lot so far, and that is the most important objective for our co-operation, SSB CEO Miquel Farrerons comments.

Additional information:

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Erkki Valla, +358 40 531 7812

Miquel Farrerons +34 93 213 58 70