U13 SHA International tournament 15.-17.12.2019

Sami Hyypiä Academy’s second (SHA) international tournament was held in Eerikkilä . The tournament for boys under 13 contained games and development monitoring of the teams. Teams participating the event were HJK, Honka, TPS, Ilves, KäPa and RoPS from Finland, Shamrock Rovers from Ireland, Vitesse from Netherlands and Midtjylland from Denmark.  Congratulations for top tree Shamrock, Midtjylland and Ilves.  Eerikkilä wants to thank all the teams for participating the event and wish you pleasent Christmas time!

Here are the result for the tournament.


Shamrock Rovers


U14 SHA International Tournament 2019


Sami Hyypiä Academy’s (SHA) international tournament was held in Eerikkilä this week . The tournament contained games and development monitoring of the teams. Teams participating the event were HJK, Honka, TPS, Ilves, KäPa and RoPS from Finland, Shamrock Rovers from Ireland, Vitesse from Netherlands, Brighton from UK and Midtjylland from Denmark.  Congratulations for HJK and Brighton for winning the tournament! Eerikkilä wants to thank all the teams for participating the event and wish you pleasent Christmas time!

Here are the result for the tournament.

HJK is the Winner of Group B

Brighton is the winner of Group A

U16 Development tournament at Eerikkilä 26.-30.4.2019

Friday 26.4.
Korea Rep. – Chile at 13.00
Finland – Switzerland at 17.30

Sunday 28.4.
Finland – Korea Rep. at 12.30
Switzerland – Chile at 16.00

Tuesday 30.4.
Chile – Finland at 11.00
Switzerland – Korea Rep. at 16.00

Matches at Eerikkilä Arena, free entry. Welcome!

Sami Hyypiä Academy International tournaments winter 2018

Sami Hyypiä Academy’s (SHA) international progression followup events starts on friday 30.11.2019 in Eerikkilä. The tournaments will contain games and development monitoring of the teams. During the tournament, there will be physical, technical and basic skill test for the teams.

Tournament 30.11.-2.12.2018:

Boys 2006

HJK (Helsinki, Finland)
KäPa (Helsinki, Finland)
TPS (Turku, Finland)
Honka (Espoo, Finland)
Vitesse (Netherland)
Shamrock Rovers (Ireland)
Midtjylland (Denmark)


Match Programme

Tournament 2-4.12.2018

Boys 2005

HJK (Helsinki, Finland)
KäPa (Helsinki, Finland)
TPS (Turku, Finland)
Honka (Espoo, Finland)
Vitesse (Netherland)
Brighton (UK)
Midtjylland (Denmark)

Match Programme

Tournament 9.12.-11.12.2018

Boys 2004

HJK (Helsinki, Finland)
KäPa (Helsinki, Finland)
TPS (Turku, Finland)
Honka (Espoo, Finland)
Vitesse (Netherland)
Shamrock Rovers (Ireland)
Midtjylland (Denmark)

Match Programme

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Sami Hyypiä Academy signs STATS for Player Performance Solutions

London/ Eerikkilä, Finland – July 9, 2018 –Today, STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, and Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA), located in Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, Finland, announced a new five-year partnership to bring STATS’ team and player performance solutions to the academy.

Working with players and coaches at SHA, STATS will introduce technology and training for game-analysis education, player development and the monitoring of player performance. Eerikkilä/SHA has a strategic partnership with the Football Association of Finland (Finnish FA), and is the national training centre for football in Finland. Sami Hyypiä Academy (founded in 2010) implements a monitoring concept for players, organizes coach education and training camps for football players of all ages.

“Sami Hyypiä Academy’s mission is to develop Finnish football towards the international peak, together with the Finnish Football Association, the entire Finnish football community and other partners. SHA focuses on developing the process based on top-level football requirements from childhood to adulthood. The new agreement with STATS will provide SHA cooperative teams with advanced solutions for player development and new tools to lead with knowledge,” says Kyösti Lampinen, the Director of the Eerikkilä Performance Centre.

“STATS is extremely excited about working with Sami Hyypiä Academy and Eerikkilä for the match analysis and athlete performance. We are delighted to continue to strengthen the data-driven analysis of the Performance Centre. Adding education to coaches and game analysts to the whole will enable the Eerikkilä Performance Centre to provide a sustainable foundation for systematic development of the game,” says Jens Urlbauer, STATS general manager within Northern & Central Europe.


STATS is the global leader in sports intelligence, operating at the intersection of sports and technology. The world’s most innovative brands, technology companies, leagues and dozens of world championship teams trust STATS to find their winning edge. STATS combines the industry’s fastest and most accurate data platform with video analysis, sports content and research, player tracking through STATS SportVU®, and a range of customizable digital solutions for brands. The pioneer of live sports data, STATS continues to speed innovation in the industry enhancing both team performance and fan experience. For more information, go to www.stats.com and follow STATS on Twitter @STATSOnThePitch.

Media contact: mediarelations@stats.com



Sami Hyypiä Academy

Stories from my favorite outdoor destinations near Eerikkilä

“You don’t have to climb a mountain to find something beautiful” – This is something I have learned just recently and started to focus more on the moments and experiences near home.

I have been roaming around these neighborhoods for nearly three years now and I am pretty sure I’ve spent more time outdoors than indoors in this beautiful area. I have quite a lot of stories to share from here but I have collected my favorite places and stories here so you could hopefully visit these places too someday.

  1. Lake Melkutin

One of the clearest lakes in Finland is located just after 20-minutes’ drive from Eerikkilä. I have been to this place several times and every single time it still amazes me.

One day I decided to stay the night in a tent next to the lake. I watched the sun going down behind the trees and the clear blue lake calmed down for the night. The moon started to rise just in front of my campsite. It was so silent that the voice of the black-throated diver resounded for several minutes before quieting down.

I slept the night peacefully in my tent and woke up when the first sunrays came into my eyes. The sun started to warm up my tent so fast that the only option was to wake up and go for a swim. I got up from my tent, walked couple of steps to the lake and dipped myself in the water. It felt freezing! After couple of minutes my body was already used to the temperature and I stayed in the water just swimming around and enjoying the crystal clear waters of lake Melkutin.

This lake is one of the most unique places I have ever visited in Finland and definitely my favorite swimming spot.


  1. Liesjärvi National Park

This National Park is the larger one of the two National Parks located in Tammela area. There are several options to enter this park depending where you are planning to go. Here you can choose to hike, cycle or canoe to explore the gems of these easy going routes. You can easily rent your gear for these activities from Eerikkilä.

It was a crispy cold autumn morning in September. The summer was just about to end and the nature was preparing itself for Autumn. The sky had been clear and stars were reflecting from the surface of lake Liesjärvi for the entire night.

Yet it was the morning I was waiting for.

Just before the sunrise mist started to build up. Within few minutes the lake was fully covered with thick fog. This view was unreal. Only few trees were visible behind the fog making the landscape look like a postcard from wonderland.

I jumped into my canoe and paddled closer to the famous Kyynärä ridge. This beautiful long ridge line is one of the main attractions of this National park and can be observed from land, water or air (with drone camera).

Just before reaching Kyynärä ridge I looked behind my back and saw the sun rising in a fog. For few seconds the sun was nearly visible turning everything yellow. I just stopped and stared, there was nothing else to do. I had my camera in my hands but I didn’t know what to do with it.

Soon the moment was over and the fog got even thicker. I returned to Eerikkilä and went for a well-deserved breakfast.

  1. Torronsuo National Park

Torronsuo National Park is mostly famous for its birds during spring and autumn but it’s also famous for insanely beautiful foggy mornings. This place is easy and quick to visit from Eerikkilä but it’s also possible to spend the entire day here walking around the duckboards in the middle of the deepest bog in Finland.

I had planned this trip for weeks and the day finally begun. I had an image in my head how the morning fog would be rolling over the swamp and I would be in a bird watching tower capturing all that to my camera.

It was around 3 am when I started driving towards Torronsuo National Park from Eerikkilä. The journey lasted for 20 minutes and all that time I was just hoping to see some fog that I would know if my plan works out. There was no fog or any signs of it. Anywhere!

I parked my car to Kiljamo parking lot and walked couple of hundred meters to the bird watching tower. The sun was still behind the horizon and I noticed only few small areas with fog. I decided to wait in a tower and watch how everything looks after the sunrise.

Slowly the sun started to rise above the tree line and suddenly the fog started to build up. As the sun became brighter the fog became thicker making my dream come true!

I was watching, enjoying and taking photos for few hours before returning to Eerikkilä and going back to sleep before the breakfast.

Eeva Mäkinen
Photographer and wilderness hostess

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Workshop is now sold out!

by Eeva Mäkinen

This workshop is all about improving your photography skills in nature. The environment of Liesjärvi National Park and Torronsuo National park are offering the best possible places to experience and photograph the Finnish Summer.

First we will go through some basic tips of nature photography & editing at the auditorium and get inspired by the photos taken in the area. Shortly after the theoretical session we will continue outdoors, and focus on shooting.

During the weekend we will go through some tips for editing, and you can ask personal advice from your guide, professional photographer Eeva Mäkinen. The second part of this workshop will be held entirely in nature. We will camp the night in Liesjärvi National park, and shoot the sunset & sunrise where it’s the best. Own camping gear is essential, but you can also rent some. Or stay over the night in Eerikkilä hotel and attend the evening and morning photography sessions.

This trip includes full board, so do not worry about spending time on anything else than photographing.

About the workshop guide

Eeva Mäkinen is a professional photographer and wilderness guide. Eeva has traveled and photographed in over 60 countries, but she is now focusing on shooting in Finland and finding the beauty nearby. Eeva’s main subjects are outdoor & nature photos and her work has been shown for example at Hossa visitor’s center and Rio Olympic house. Over 100 000 people on Instagram are following Eeva’s unique way of capturing the nature. She is also a writer and sharing her stories in outdoor magazines and blogs such as Latu & Polku and Eerikkilä Outdoor blog.

Price includes
– Workshop, lectures and guiding
– Accommodation one night in a hotel room
– Full board from Friday afternoon until Sunday

  • Breakfast x 2
  • Lunch x 1
  • Dinner x 2

– All transportations through the weekend
– Sauna by the lake
– Canoe rental

320€ / persons
single room extra charge 35€, another night in a hotel 45€ / 2 sharing, 80€ single room

Price excludes:
– Flights / bus or other transportation to Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort
– Tent, sleeping bag / mattress and other outdoor gear


Tips how to get here >> read more
Tips where to rent gear? please contact Eerikkilä Outdoor Center by e-mail: kimmo.teittinen@eerikkila.fi

Worksop will be held in Finnish / English.

Registering to the workshop is now open! 

More details: eeva@eevamakinen.com
More details regarding accommodation or other services in Eerikkilä: laura.siren@eerikkila.fi


SHA for a five-year extension agreement to utilize the international Ekkono Method

Eerikkilä Performance Center Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA) and Soccer Services Barcelona (SSB) have signed a five-year co-operation agreement to deepen the development of technical areas in the Finnish football. The new contract extension allows SHA to utilize Ekkono Method as technical partner in a long-term and systematic way.

”The first three years of cooperation have shown that there has been a good start for learning the game in a modern way. During this process, common content and direction have been found. It has been realized that the method is a concrete way to develop technical and tactical skills from children to professional players”, Performance Center’s director Kyösti Lampinen comments.

”We are very satisfied for extending our cooperation with Sami Hyypiä Academy and Eerikkilä. Their high quality facilities, know-how, staff and vision fit 100% into our strategy. After 3 years of cooperation we can see already many positive results regarding players, coaches and clubs”, comments Miquel Farrerons, the Managing Director of SSB.

The new agreement will enable to expand and deepen the co-operation to develop Finnish football. In addition to Finnish coaches, the educations have had participants also from other Nordic countries.

”The most important thing is that the clubs have given positive feedback, and the coaches have felt they’re getting new details for their daily coaching. At the end of the day, we are developing players who understand the game better, and make intentional solutions in the field in different situations,” Lampinen adds.

Sami Hyypiä Academy carries out a systematic process with its co-operation clubs that develops coaches and players in a holistic way. The Ekkono Method adds value especially to the technical-tactical capabilities of the process.

”Learning to apply the Ekkono Method requires patience from coaches and players. The process is about patient work, so that players are supported to take responsibility about their own self-development. It is also relevant that SHA’s process and the Ekkono Method are both based on a holistic humanistic approach and on a modern way of learning.”

Additional information:
Kyösti Lampinen, kyosti.lampinen@eerikkila.fi
Miquel Farrerons, m.farrerons@soccerservices.net

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort: from a sports institute to a centre of excellence and well-being

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort: from a sports institute to a centre of excellence and well-being

 Eerikkilä is transforming itself from a sports institute to a centre of excellence in comprehensive personal development and well-being. About EUR 22 million in investments and the strategy spanning to 2020 aim to make Eerikkilä famous for its expertise even beyond the borders of our country. The name of the centre will also be changed to Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort.

 Located about one hour’s drive from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere, Eerikkilä is especially known for football, floorball and physical education. Now, Eerikkilä is seeking growth from the target groups of business and leisure by offering outdoor activities and well-being services while preserving the traditions and selection of its time as a college. The strategic investments of EUR 22 million spanning to 2020 are building Eerikkilä into an internationally known centre of excellence in comprehensive personal development and well-being.

Well-being is an international megatrend. We want to challenge people to develop themselves and feel great. The goal of Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, its surroundings, conditions and services is to be a meeting place for people interested in well-being and the development of their skills. For some, this means adopting a healthier diet, for others, it means learning something new. For those burdened by hectic urban life, it may mean peace and quiet as well as activities in nature. We hope that we can offer all this to as many people as possible,” says Petri Jakonen, Managing Director of Eerikkilä.

New villas and apartments attract new residents

 A high-class villa and apartment area is under construction at Eerikkilä. The holiday apartments will have a floor area of 45–64 m² and the villas 132–190 m². The first 16 holidays apartments will be completed in September, and the first seven villas will be opened in early December.

“The new villas and holiday apartments will bring Eerikkilä’s service selection to a whole new level. Now, we will be able to offer even more high-quality accommodation to all our customer target groups. We believe the new villas and holiday apartments will also fulfill the requirements of international customers,” says Jakonen.

Unique environment inspires outdoor activities

Eerikkilä is surrounded by beautiful and diverse nature, national parks (Liesjärvi, Torronsuo) and nature conservation areas. The surrounding nature and its opportunities create the basis for Eerikkilä’s updated strategy, bringing in an international aspect.

“We know the immense opportunities offered by our location and surroundings. We are developing a natural tourism concept in cooperation with Metsähallitus, neighbouring municipalities and the service producers in the area. Our unique environment and regional cooperation will also attract interest from the international market,” says Jakonen.


Managing Director Petri Jakonen, petri.jakonen@eerikkila.fi, +358 (0)50 533 3600